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Piano Lessons At
Joyful Academy of Music


Piano Lessons That Everyone Loves!


















Learning to play the piano should be fun for students and easy for parents. 

  • Most parents are worried their children will not enjoy piano lessons, or it will be stressful and a challenge getting their student to practice the piano. 


  • Many students find piano practice to be challenging, boring, difficult, or hard work.


We have found a way to solve these challenges in our studio...


Welcome to the Accelerated Piano Program! The purpose of this program is to address the #1 problem piano students have: the difficulty of home practice.

In The Accelerated Piano Program…

  • Beginning students learn all of their piano music during their lessons. When they go home, they do not have to try to remember what they learned or spend the week practicing mistakes.

  • Practice becomes fun and exciting, a time to “show off” what they have learned.

  • Joyful Academy of Music students learn sight reading and steady rhythm from their 1st lesson. 

  • When students see how quickly they are able to learn songs, it builds confidence which increases the desire to practice.

  • Many students move through their piano books much faster than the publisher recommends (often 2 to 3 times faster). We believe this is directly connected to the exploratory and creative environment we create in our lessons.

  • Students learn music theory through playing fun electronic and interactive review games.

  • Within 3 months students are able to play familiar songs, (folk, movie, TV, hymns, etc.)

  • Parents often tell us their students wake up and want to play the piano. And they enjoy hearing piano music playing in their homes. 

Tweens and Teens at Joyful Academy of Music

  • Tween and teen students have the opportunity to learn chords, play from lead sheets, improvise and write music.

  • Many of our students play for their school jazz band, school chapel, play duets with their families, and write music.

  • Advancing Students have the opportunity to play for Master Teachers to receive inspiration and feedback.

  • Students are invited to participate in Music Festivals and Competitions.  

"Joyful Academy of Music has been a gift to our family. Both of our children, ages 10 & 12, started playing one year ago and have excelled beyond our expectation. Piano melodies play during meal prep and before bed with both kids vying for their turn at the keyboard. They also help one another with songs and play duets. We thank Loria, Peter and Rebekah for their expertise and for taking an individual approach to help our kids love piano." 


Will and Molly duet.jpg

Our Kids Have Excelled Beyond Our Expectations!

Grace and Dad.jpg

"I...believe the "Accelerated Piano Program" has been really ideal for our daughter to get introduced to music and to thrive in her musical learning. The Prestons are really great with the kids and the environment is supportive and fun. We have been so impressed at our daughter's rapid progress." 


Imagine how enjoyable it would be play piano duets with your child!

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