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Guitar & Bass Lessons at
Joyful Academy of Music

Guitar Lessons That Everyone Loves!















Learning to play the guitar should be fun for students and easy for parents. 

  • Most parents are worried their children will not enjoy guitar lessons, or it will be stressful and a challenge getting their student to practice the guitar


  • Many students find guitar practice to be challenging, boring, difficult, or hard work.


We have found a way to solve these challenges in our studio...


Welcome to the Accelerated Guitar Ninjas Program! The purpose of this program is to address the #1 problem guitar students have: the difficulty of home practice.

In The Accelerated Guitar Ninjas Program…

  • Beginning students learn all of their guitar music during their lessons. When they go home, they do not have to try to remember what they learned or spend the week practicing mistakes.

  • Practice becomes fun and exciting, a time to “show off” what they have learned.

  • Joyful Academy of Music students learn sight reading and steady rhythm from their 1st lesson. 

  • When students see how quickly they are able to learn songs, it builds confidence which increases the desire to practice.

  • The Guitar Ninjas Program is a guitar program and curriculum that takes students from total beginners and transforms them into accomplished musicians.

  • Checklists clearly layout what the student needs to learn in order to level up and gamify the whole learning experience.

  • Guitar Ninjas combines modern guitar technique with the psychology of learning, cutting edge sports science, the discipline of martial arts and the fun of video games resulting in the ultimate guitar method enjoyed by students of all ages.

  • Students learn all of the key skills and concepts they need for contemporary guitar playing as they work their way through 9 levels: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown and Black!

  • All of our guitar students also have access to over 40 online courses containing 900+ video modules on our Guitar Dojo Online platform.

  • Parents often tell us their students wake up and want to play the guitar. And they enjoy hearing their children progress with their music. 

Teens and Adults at Joyful Academy of Music

  • We love partnering with teen and adult students to grow in their Guitar playing.

  • Many of our students play with friends, join a band, or play duets with their families.

  • Students are invited to participate in Music Festivals and Competitions.  

"My two sons take guitar at Joyful Academy of Music and enjoy their lessons and teacher(s). They are motivated to learn and improve, which is a blessing." 


"We’ve loved having the Prestons as part of our “family”. They truly do a stellar job in making all music students feel special, encouraged and supported... Five stars unequivocally." 

Kirsten-parent of a Guitar student


My Kids Are Motivated To Learn And Improve!


"I was looking for music lessons for my two daughters, and Joyful Academy of Music has been a great choice. They are very kind, very professional, and have plenty of options. Both my daughters really enjoy the teachers and organizers, and their lessons! I definitely recommend!"

Joe-parent of Guitar and Piano students

Even the youngest of students can begin playing guitar!

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