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Drum Lessons at
Joyful Academy of Music


Drum Lessons That Everyone Loves!

















Drum lessons as cool as your kids 

Is your child constantly tapping on everything? Do they make drum sets out of your pots and pans?

Drum lessons might be the best thing for your child!

But wait, drums are so loud! Are you ready for some good news? You don’t have to worry about that because there are so many options to help reduce the noise and not make your neighbors angry! All the while, they can get some energy out, promote limb independence, and develop coordination.

Drums are the backbone of every band. They help keep the beat, give feeling to a song, and even create iconic moments. Think about the drums in We Will Rock You. 

Our drum lessons incorporate more than just how to hit the drums and make them sound great. Our drum teachers work with students on teaching them basic music theory, technique, and how to read music. Drums are a real instrument and we want our students to recognize that. Our goal is for students to love their drum lessons so much, that practicing at home is something they WANT to do. This means no frustrations and arguments with your child about practicing drums, and they get to learn the music they LOVE!

Are you ready for drum lessons as cool as your kids?

Click the button below to get started! 


My son (in 2nd grade) has been taking drum lessons since last year and absolutely loves it! I expected a short dedication as he is at an age where he wants to try absolutely EVERYTHING, but months later drum practicing equipment still makes it onto every wish list he has and he regularly requests songs to “play” along with at home.
Highly recommend!!

Whitney-parent of a Drum student


Wonderful Teachers, So Very Kind And Inspiring!


"Wonderful teachers, so very kind and inspiring to our four children. It was wonderful to see this experience of Christmas performances from all the different students." 


Katusha-parent of piano, guitar, and drum students

Even the youngest of students can begin playing drums!

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