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Music Lessons Everyone Loves

Joyful Academy of Music

offers music lessons for all ages in Everett.

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"Our 2 children started taking lessons at ages 3 and 5. After only 10 months of lessons, both have memorized a combination of 10 songs, attended camps and parties with other piano students, performed in 4 recitals, and have strong public speaking skills. We highly recommend Joyful Academy of Music to other families.”

Jayne and Chris-parents

Hear what students and parents are saying about Joyful Academy of Music!

Our students have lots of fun learning piano, guitar, bass, and drums!

Meet Liz, an adult student, and her 3 year old niece! Liz and her little niece have so much fun at the piano!

Meet Sofie! She likes playing music games and is so brave to share her music with family and friends! 

Joyful Academy of Music!


About Our Studio!

Music Lessons are fun for students and easy for families. 


About Our Lessons!

Find out why everyone loves Piano Lessons at Joyful Academy of Music.


First Lesson


Contact us today to schedule your introductory (no charge!) lesson!​


"My son is loving his lessons, you and your family create a fabulous, encouraging learning environment."  


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